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The Surroundings

Het Arsenaal
Theater, restaurant, view-tower, abseiling from that same tower, touching fish, pirates and miniature fair for the little ones. Vlissingen
Imkerij Poppendamme See everything you want to know about honeybees. Furthermore a lot of information about a famous old breed of a huge local working horse, the 'Zeeuwse trekpaard' and the folkloristic horsegame: 'Ringrijden'. Poppendamme
JoJo Disco in Zoutelande
Kaasboerderij Cheese-making-farm Schellach, Middelburg
Karting Karting indoor Middelburg
Manege De Kroo
Everything about riding horses. Nieuw en St Joosland
Middelburg What can you see or do in Middelburg?
Miniatuur Walcheren See Walcheren in one afternoon? It's possible, ok, in miniature than. Middelburg
MuZEEuM City Museum and Lampsinshuis, and 'Fort Rammekens', Ritthem. Lots of info about 'Michiel de Ruyter' (honoured captain who sailed his fleet up the river Thames in a war against England), the 'VOC' (old shipping combination that brought riches from the far east) and our 80-year war against the Spain (1568-1648). Vlissingen
Neeltje Jans Permanent exposition on the island in the 'Stormvloedkering' (Floodprotection) with waterpavillion, dolfin and seal recovery, abseil possibillity, several movies, working model of the 'Stormvloedkering', right next to the real one. Boattrip is possible.
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Orchid nursery and bonsai trees, with rustic café pavement. Strandweg 1A, Koudekerke, 0118-55206
Ringrijden Zeeuwse Ringrijders Vereniging. Program, when and where etc.
Rondvaart Middelburg Boattrip through Middelburg, about 40 minutes.
Skydive Zeeland
Parachute jumping 'Vliegveld Midden Zeeland' (airport) near the 'Veerse Meer' (Lake Veere). Sightseeing flights and tandem jumping. Arnemuiden
Small Sail Small Sail Festival Vlissingen. Festival with historical sailingboats, demontrations of old crafts etc..
Terra Maris Regional historical gardens, permanent exhibition of stuffed animals and varying exhibitions about nature and a sea-aquarium. Castle Westhove, Duinvlietweg 6, Oostkapelle, 0118-582620
Zijdemuseum From a leaf to silk, caterpillars and butterflies at work. Meliskerke